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Slitting Line Reform

2019-03-22 14:19   admin

Today we Hr Slitting Lines China Exporter come to summarize the Slitting line reform.
The 2050 hot-rolling Hr Slitting Lines was put into production in the late 1980s. It includes functions such as slitting, trimming, rewinding and splitting.
It is the Punching Machines Slitting Line unit with the longest process mode and the longest distance in the domestic hot-rolled coil. After nearly 30 years of online service, due to equipment aging and other reasons, the slitting line needs to undergo a “full body” transformation to adapt to the current production rhythm and high-quality requirements.
After careful planning and equipment evaluation in the early stage, the 2050 production line slitting line transformation has set up the transformation of existing equipment, adding some key equipment, upgrading and upgrading the three-electric system to improve the equipment capacity and automation of the entire slitting line. Level. In just 83 days, the 2050 production line slitting line was completely modified according to the intended target. After the transformation, the annual production capacity of the unit increased by 25%, and the feeding capacity of cold-rolled high-strength steel was greatly enhanced. At the same time, the production line console was merged, which greatly improved labor efficiency. The most important thing is that the control level of the slitting line automation system has been significantly improved, reaching the domestic first-class level.
It is worth mentioning that the “core brain” of the longitudinal tangent transformation, that is, all the equipment in the three power transformation system, including the inverter, PLC and other core components, all adopt their own brands. Due to the combination of new and old equipment, the technical difficulty is very difficult. The hot rolling mill cooperates closely with Software to overcome a series of difficult technical problems and has achieved breakthrough results in high-end technology such as high-power variable frequency transmission, making product technology Performance and function have reached the most advanced level of similar production lines at home and abroad.