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The Severity Of The Appearance Of Cold-formed Profiles

2019-04-03 14:05   admin

Today we Cold Forming Machines Manufacturer come to summarize The severity of the appearance of cold-formed profiles.
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Cold Forming Machines Manufacturer
Cold-formed profiles produced by cold bending machines need to be sold well in the market. If the appearance of the products is severely scratched, it will directly affect sales. Therefore, when manufacturers of cold-formed profiles choose cold-bending equipment, they must pay attention to strict inspection of the machine before delivery. Judging the appearance and surface scratch defects is subjective. There is no standard for measurement. The degree of scratching and scratching can be determined according to the manufacturer or the customer. Therefore, when production and enterprises sign production orders with customers, they must have certain samples to weigh, which are acceptable, and which are not. The sample is subject to evaluation.
How to avoid appearance scratches?
Hot rolled and cold rolled steel are not sensitive to surface scratches. Metal plating is relatively easy to mold, but special care is taken to prevent the surface coating from being crushed by the rolls. A good lubricant should be used to reduce the damage caused by the friction between the strip and the roll surface. Some high-gloss metals (such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) must be specially molded to avoid the problem of scratching. To avoid surface damage, there are good roll design and roll processing techniques that require more molding passes, different roll materials, and roll surfaces to be polished. The roll design can use idle rolls (ie, the roll surface speed is controlled by the sheet speed.), or sometimes the product forming basis can be changed. The difference in surface speed caused by the rotation of the conventional rolls causes scratches on the surface. In general, multi-pass can solve the problem of scratching more favorably, but it depends more on the smoothness of the roll surface and the speed of the roll. Note that these problems can greatly reduce the possibility of cold-bending profile scratches.
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