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Machine Features Of Slitter Rewinder

2019-05-22 17:18   admin

Here is Oem China Cut To Length Machine Supplier talking about Machine features of slitter rewinder.
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1. Winding adopts 3-inch air-expanding reel and magnetic powder tension controller to wind up, the cutting operation is simple, the maximum winding diameter can reach 600mm; the winding is beautiful and neat;
2. The cutter can use an industrial surgical blade or a flat knife (artificial blade) with an adjustable cutter between 18 [2] mm and 1600 mm;
3. The spindle and the circular knife use the stepless speed change system, which can be used as the high and low-speed regulation and forward and reverse switching control; the electronic speed control system is convenient and simple;
Oem Blade For Slitting Machine
4. Configure double-sided diamond grinding and sharpening system; sharpen the blade without disassembly, keep the blade sharp for a long time; achieve the best cutting quality; and attach the dusting capacity to keep the cloth and track clean;
5. Imported precision ball screw and slide rail, parallel advancement cutting width, stepless adjustment of imported AC motor adjustment system and control of cutting speed, so as to achieve high-precision cutting, the accuracy can be controlled within 0.1 mm;
6. Equipped with high-precision correcting device system to further ensure cutting accuracy;
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