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How To Use Waste Steel Shears?

2019-05-25 09:06   admin

Here is Slitter Rewinder Machinery Manufacturer talking about How To Use Waste Steel Shears. 
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The utilization scale of scrap steel shears is universal, and it is mainly used for scrap steel, recycling, and utilization of scrap metal, metallurgy, improving efficiency and growth benefits. The scrap steel shearing machine is simple, convenient, quick and long-lasting. How to use waste steel shears?
Slitter Rewinder Machinery Manufacturer
In addition to the use of scrap steel shears, please also pay attention to the following points:
1. There should be sufficient steel piles around the shearing machine for scrap steel.
2. The components of the migration transformation should have a protective cover.
3. It is necessary to reflect on whether the blade has cracks, and whether the blade can be tightened.
4. Stop the intercepting diameter across the steel bars and red-burning steel bars specified by the machine. When multiple steel bars are blocked at the same time, it is necessary to convert the cross-section of the steel bars and adjust the gantry shearing machine blades in real time to avoid any accidents.
5. When cutting low-alloy steel bars, the high-hardness blades should be replaced.
6. In the operation of the scrap steel shearing machine, it is strictly forbidden to clear the debris near the knife edge by hand, and stop the idle personnel on the spot.
7. Invent the blade tilting abnormally, the gantry shearing machine should be immediately powered off and overhauled.