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Deviation Of The Slitter Blade

2019-05-31 16:25   admin

Slitting Machine Blade is an important processing link in the production of a cardboard carton. Therefore, if the deviation of the cutting machine blade will directly affect the quality of the cardboard and carton products, even the products produced are waste products. Therefore, we need to reduce the waste in the production of cardboard cartons according to the common deviation analysis of corrugated board slitting machine blades.
Slitting machine blade slitting paperboard tail deflection:
1. The Slitting Circle Blade feed positioning plate is improperly adjusted;
2. The slitting blade has a blunt degree, which is different from the linear speed of other knives;
3. The paper guide wheel of the slitter blade is improperly adjusted;
4. The cutting machine blade feeds the paper improperly.
Slitting Machine Blade
The splitter blade produces a raw edge:
1. The cutting machine blade is blunt and should be polished;
2. The slitting machine blade and the sipe overlap too shallowly;
3. The sipe of the slitting machine blade is wound into the paper edge and paper wool, which should be cleaned and then turned on;
4. The slot gap of the slitting machine blade is too large, generally not more than 2.5mm.