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Deviation Of The Slitter Blade

2019-06-03 09:44   admin

The 3 Mm Slitting Line of the slitter blade is easily broken:
1. The original paper is inferior;
2. The pressure line is too deep.

12 Mm Slitting Lines
The 12 Mm Slitting Lines of the slitting machine blade is not straight:
1. The cutting line of the slitting machine is too shallow, and the fold line is uneven, which affects the appearance of the box;
2. The  Oem Blade For Slitting Machine feed paper is skewed;
3. The upper and lower pressure rollers of the slitter blade are not adjusted.
The cutting edge of the slitting blade is not vertical:
1. The angle of the blade cutter of the slitting machine is not correct;
2. The cutting machine blade is not in the center of the sipe;
3. The cutting blade edge grinding.