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Cnc Steel Bar Shear Line Operating Procedures

2019-06-11 14:18   admin

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7. During operation, when feeding manually, it is forbidden to support the feeding chain by hand to avoid danger.
8. The vibration generated when the shearing machine works easily causes the proximity switch and the magnetic switch screw to loosen, which affects the operation of the equipment. It should be observed and found that the screw is loose and tightened in time.
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9. Pay attention to check the filtration condition of the oil-water separator during operation. The oil level should not be lower than the lower limit; the water level should not be higher than the upper limit, and the water should be drained in time.
10. Observe the normal operation of the air pump pressure switch of the air compressor, and remove it if it is abnormal.
11. At the end of the work, turn off the main power supply and system power, clean the iron filings and dust of the equipment, and classify the finished materials, surplus materials and wastes, and clean the workplace.