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Main Technical Parameters Of Heavy-duty Fast Scrap Shears

2019-06-14 11:58   admin

Here is 3 Mm Coil Slitting Machine Supplier talking about Main technical parameters of heavy-duty fast scrap shears.
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1. Cutting knife length: 1 meter.
2. Shear cylinder specifications: The inner diameter of the shear cylinder is 200-205 mm, and the shearing force can reach about 100 tons.
3. Motor configuration: 18.5 kW motor or 22 kW motor.
4. High pressure oil pump specifications: 100YCY or 160YCY high pressure piston pump.
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5. The maximum opening size of the cut: the maximum opening of the cut is 350 mm to 400 mm.
6. Shearing speed: 8-10 shearing speeds per minute.
7. Types of shear scrap: channel steel, I-beam, coal mine track, angle steel, automobile dismantling girders, rebar, ship plate, plate thickness 30 mm, round steel diameter 600-700 mm, etc. can be cut. The thicker the cut thickness, the narrower the cut width.