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Safety Operation Procedures For Shears

2019-06-18 11:54   admin

Here is Hr Slitting Lines China Exporter talking about Safe Operation Procedure.
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1. The equipment should be operated by people, and others should not be used without training.
2. Before driving, check that the parts are normal and the fasteners are firm.
Hr Slitting Lines China Exporter
3. It is forbidden to cut unannealed steel, cast iron, soft metal parts, too thin workpieces, workpieces less than 100 mm in length, and workpieces that exceed the length of the scissors.
4. During operation, the human body is not allowed to approach the transmission part and the knife edge of the equipment and should pay attention to the safety of the surrounding personnel to prevent the material from lifting and injuring people. When cutting, try to cut the material close to the inside of the knife. When cutting short materials, do not use hand-held workpieces for feeding. Clamps should be used for feeding.
5. When the equipment is running, the operator must not leave the post without permission. When the work is completed or temporarily removed from the post, the power should be cut off.