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What’s the Use and Characteristics of the Slitter Cutter?

2019-06-21 15:23   admin

The Slitter Cutter mainly divides a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into pre-press and post-press equipment of different width and small volume, and at the same time can check the quality of the product.

Dual Slitter Head Slitting Machine

Slitter Cutter’s Use:

1. Applicable substrate: mica tape, paper, insulation material and film slitting;

2. Applicable industries: related industries with various insulating materials, special electrical papers and films;

3. Applicable technology: sub-distribution, finished product inspection, finished product sub-volume, process cutting.

Slitter Cutter’s Characteristics:

1. Unwinding photoelectric correction, high precision; it is divided into two files: manual gear and automatic gear;

2. There can be two ways of winding: surface winding and center winding;

3. The unwinding tension adopts automatic tension;

4. Round knife cutting, reliable quality, easy to adjust;

5. Using the surface center to take up, the winding quality is even and stable;

6. The fixed length automatically stops, the length is automatically counted;

7. With trimming device, the edge material is discharged by the fan;

8. It is especially suitable for slitting of narrow strips (insulating materials, mica tapes, films, etc.).

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