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The Common Problems and Solutions of Slitter Rewinder

2019-07-02 15:08   admin

The Slitter Rewinder is an important equipment in the paper processing industry. Paper manufacturers use this equipment almost every day. If a failure occurs, it will hinder the production process and the manufacturer will suffer losses. Generally speaking, if the staff does not pay attention to the daily maintenance, the slitter rewinder will often have some difficult problems. In order to solve these small problems from time to time, we have summarized the following points.


First, the slitter rwinder is not well-rolled. When this occurs, it means the paper core is not suitable, as long as the paper core that meets the required inner diameter is replaced, and the winding roller is used in the winding process, the slitting machine can also be prevented from being wound up.

Second, the cutting and winding materials tend to start. This is mainly because the winding tension is not correct, and the appropriate winding tension of the paper slitting machine is adjusted. The winding roller is used for winding and the cutting material is wrapped by the pressing roller before entering the winding paper core.

Third, the meter count is not allowed. This kind of problem can be used to contact the feeding roller at the same time with the two wheels of the meter wheel, and make a mark on the meter wheel to hand 5 turns to count 1 meter or replace the meter.

These points are common problems that staff often encounter when operating the slitter rwinder. In order to solve these problems quickly, there may be other new problems. You can consult Slitter Rewinder Machinery Manufacture. Professional technical staff can help you to solve.