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What Are The Advantages Of Slitter Blade?

2019-07-20 10:16   admin

There is something in the tool market called a Slitter Blade. So what is the slitter blade? What is its advantage?


1. The quality of the Blade For Slitting Machine is significantly improved, the consistency of continuous operation is good, and the reliability is high.

2. Electronic automatic calibration stacking function and preset lateral force function can reduce operator's accident risk.

3. Correct adjustment settings can reduce edge wear, reduce downtime and reduce production costs

4. Faster set-up time, significantly increased productivity and unparalleled quality of finished products.

5. The P Series holders are available in three sizes for cutting, squeezing or blade cutting. The unique 180° reverse knife chuck fully utilizes both sides of the knife to extend the life of the knife.

6: Electronic operation further eliminates dust and dirt interference compared to pneumatic operation.