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What Is A Winder?

2019-10-25 15:04   admin

With the development of technology and the progress of the times, winders have become more and more popular. So today we Slitter Rewinder Machinery Manufacturer and everyone will to understand the rewinder products.

The rewinding machine is a special equipment for paper, mica tape and film. Its purpose is to rewind the paper roll produced by the paper machine (called the original paper roll), and the paper is re-rolled to make the finished paper. Factory. At present, the re-winding machine uses AC drive instead of DC drive in the paper machine industry has become a development trend. The paper roll taken by the reel is relatively soft, the inside may be damaged or broken, the edges on both sides are not neat, and the width of the paper width can not be directly used in machines such as paper processing or printing. Most paper types (such as newsprint) , letterpress printing paper, wrapping paper, etc.) must be trimmed, slit, jointed, re-rolled on the paper core to form a finished product of certain specifications and certain tightness requirements before leaving the factory. The rewinding process mainly accomplishes three tasks: one is to cut off the raw paper burrs; the other is to cut the whole original paper into a number of widths that meet the user's specifications; and third, to control the winding diameter of the finished paper roll to meet the factory specifications. 

The functional advantages of the winder are:

1, equipped with processing unintentional, solid, paper tube toilet paper, can instantly switch between products.

2, automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing, and the shaft is instantaneously synchronized, so that the paper is transferred into the band saw and the paper is not damaged when it is cut.

3. Pneumatic belt feeding, double reel and each axis of the original paper have independent tension adjustment mechanism.

With the development of technology and the progress of the times, Slitter Rewinder have become more and more popular. However, be sure to pay attention to safety when using the winder!

Slitter Rewinder

Slitter Rewinder

1. When using the crane and spreader, follow the relevant texts and pay attention to safety.

2, adjust the knife, wipe the Slitter Blade, change the knife requires attention, especially the blade part. When adjusting the knife, don't talk to others. It is strictly forbidden to play with others at this time. Wear protective gloves when necessary.

3. When the aluminum foil strip is worn through the slitting system, the hand-held aluminum foil strip should pass through the part without the tool holder to avoid being scratched by the blade; the aluminum foil should also avoid the hand being scratched by the knife.

4. When the aluminum foil strip passes through the bite roller, the hand of the operator leaves the bite roller.

5. When unloading, the person must leave the track where the unloading cart and the trolley run. The lock nut and plug should be removed before unloading the shaft.

6. When the belt is suddenly broken, the guide rollers should be in high-speed operation, and the aluminum foil fragments generated after the belt breakage should be cleaned when the guide rollers are stopped.

7. When the upper take-up shaft is sent to the main track, the operator can take the shaft and clamp it.

8. When the upper and lower winding shafts are pulled or bottomed, the aluminum foil should be wound into the take-up shaft. Be careful not to use the fingertips and other parts to reach the take-up shaft to prevent the fingers from being crushed by the take-up shaft and the roller.

9. During operation, be careful not to touch any guide rolls and aluminum foil during operation to avoid being scratched by aluminum foil or bitten by roller.

10, pay attention to working hours, can not loose the clothes, or with other long, easy to run the roller bite into the items.

I believe that through the above introduction, everyone is no stranger to the safety of the rewinder! If you have a need for a rewinder, you can contact us, we can provide you with a high quality slitter rewinder, welcome you.