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How To Maintain The Slitter?

2019-11-06 14:19   admin

The Slitter Rewinder is suitable for O-rings, button products such as mobile phones, computer keyboards, remote controls, pressure cookers, rice cooker gaskets, household appliance parts, food, hygiene, and medical equipment accessories. Production of complex silicone and rubber accessories such as pacifiers, medical supplies, health products, handicrafts, toy seals, conductive rubber, automotive rubber parts, industrial rubber parts, medical silicone products, sports equipment, various utensils, multi-layer molded products, etc. , processing, etc. For the operation of the slitting and rewinder, the packaging machine and equipment must be operated by a fixed person, and the booting and bag making procedures can be mastered, the simple instrument debugging, the parameter change, etc.; the mechanical instrument debugging personnel must pass the Yujie manufacturer. Strict, able to master the instrument performance, work procedures, operating modes, working conditions, common troubleshooting and handling; computer operations are strictly prohibited without personnel. The routine maintenance of the slitter rewinding machine must ensure that the inside and outside of the computer instrument box are clean and dry; the terminal block is not checked for looseness or shedding. Ensure that the circuit and airway are unblocked. So what is the basic cleaning and maintenance technique? The Slitter Rewinder Machinery Manufacturer will come to tell you.

Slitter Blade

Basic cleaning of slitter rewinder includes:

1. The slitting and rewinding machine should clean the metering part in time after shutdown. For example, the packaged sugar, sapphire root, salt, etc., must ensure that the cleaning tray and turntable are cleaned every time.

2. For the heat seal body, it should be cleaned frequently to ensure the clear texture of the slitter rewinder seal.

3. Photoelectric tracking light head, that is, electric eye, should also be cleaned regularly to ensure small error of cursor tracking.

4. The materials scattered on the tray should be cleaned in time to keep the parts clean.

5. Regularly clean the dust inside the electric control box to prevent malfunctions such as poor contact. The new-loading slitter-winding machine must inspect and fasten the transmission and moving parts within one week of use, and refuel and maintain;

Basic maintenance of the slitter rewinder:

1. The slitter rewinding machine regularly checks the screws of each part of the packaging machine to avoid looseness.

2. The slitter rewinding machine pays attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-rat of the electrical parts. The electrical control box and terminal block should be kept clean to prevent electrical failure.

3. When the slitter rewinding machine is stopped, the two heat sealing rollers should be in the open position to prevent the packaging material from being burnt.

4. Timing to the gear meshing part of the slitter-winding machine, the bearing oil-filling hole and the moving parts are lubricated with oil. When filling the lubricating oil, please be careful not to drop the oil on the transmission belt to prevent the slipping or the belt from aging damage.

Slitting and rewinding machine operation and maintenance precautions

Although the slitter-winder is small, it must be arranged for the maintenance of the person, and the operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to use circular slitting and rewinder for overloading, and it is not allowed to shear hardened steel and hard steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, castings and non-metal materials.

1. The cutting edge of the slitter rewinding machine should be sharp and the cutting edge is blunt or damaged. It should be repaired or exchanged in time. When multi-person operation, there should be a special person to command, and coordination should be coordinated. It is forbidden to cut two different specifications of materials at the same time on the slitter rewinder, and it is not allowed to overlap the shear.

2. The workpieces cut by the slitter rewinder must be placed smoothly, not stacked too high, and not allowed to be stacked on the aisle. The corners and scraps should be cleaned up in time to keep the site clean and tidy.

The above is about the maintenance method of the slitter rewinder. If you are interested in the slitter rewinder, you can contact us. We can provide you with a high quality slitter rewinder, as well as a Slitter Blade. Welcome everyone. Come and buy.