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How To Distinguish Between Slitting Machine And Cross Cuttin

2019-11-06 14:14   admin

The slitting machine and the cross-cutting machine, the names of the two mechanical devices are only one word difference, and they are used for the slitting processing of the articles, but the two slitting devices are essentially different, and the following points are given. The Slitting Machine Manufacturer came to introduce the two devices one by one for us.

Cross cutting machine:

The crosscutting machine is attributed to the carton processing machinery. The cross-cutting machine in the corrugated board production line is the mechanical equipment for cutting the cardboard products by the cadres. Its skill function and equipment adjustment directly affect whether the cutting scale of the product board is accurate, whether the pressure line breaks and whether the appearance of the cut is lubricated or not. The cross cutter is suitable for longitudinal and transverse slitting of various types of paper. Such as gold and silver cardboard, plain rainbow paper, laser laser security paper, white paper and all kinds of thin paper. It is widely used for horizontal or vertical cutting of trademarks, cigarette labels, calendars, wine boxes, poker, and paper-plastic composite materials.

Slitting machine:

Slitter Cutter is a kind of mechanical equipment that cuts wide-width paper, mica tape or film into multiple narrow-width materials. It is commonly used in papermaking machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. The main application of slitting machine is: mica tape, paper, insulation data and film slitting, especially suitable for slitting of narrow tape (insulation data, mica tape, film, etc.). The slitting machine divides a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into pre-press and post-press equipment of different widths. It is often used in paper machine and printing and packaging machinery. The machine continuously controls from single motor to dual motor, and the three motors are developed, which is more stable and efficient in the case of faster machine speed.

The mission power of the slitter is a comprehensive concept. In the slitting process, the stable tension system of the automatic slitting machine is a main target to ensure the quality of the product. The magnetic powder clutch and brake are a special active actuator, and the automatic slitting machine is filled in the mission gap. Or the film is cut into a moment, and the excitation current can be changed to change the magnetic state of the magnetic powder, thereby adjusting the transmitted torque. It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero initial to synchronous speed. It is suitable for high speed section fine adjustment and medium and small power speed regulation system. The automatic slitting machine controls the tension between the unwinding, pulling, slitting and winding, so that the slitting data is always in a fluctuating state during the slitting process.

Slitting machine

Slitting machine

Process requirements for operating the slitter:

1. The slitting machine uses Slitter Blade to carry out fixed length slitting processing of whole rolls or whole raw materials, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel sheets, film, leather, wood chips, etc. Long slitting control.

2. The fixed length slitting control is divided into static and dynamic slitting: it stops accurately when the set length arrives, then static slitting processing, restarts after slitting; when the set length arrives, it does not stop. The slitting signal is dynamically slitted during the material movement process.

3. The most important performance index of fixed length slitting is the cutting precision, and the finished product length consistency is good.

4. The slitting length can be set continuously. If there is an error in the actual slitting length, it is easy to calibrate by setting parameters.

Through the above introduction and clarification, I believe that you now understand and understand the difference between the two types of mechanical equipment: slitting machine and cross cutting machine.