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How To Use The Slitter Correctly?

2019-12-02 10:44   admin

The slitting machine may not be well understood by many people. This is actually a kind of equipment for strip processing, because the invention and use of this equipment have greatly improved the efficiency and safety of strip splitting. Therefore, in modern society, the use of such slitting machines is also expanding. For related personnel, if they want to ensure the maximum use of the machine, they must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment during the use of the equipment. Today Sliding Machine Manufacturer shares some tips on how to maintain the slitting machine to fight against it. I hope it can help everyone.

1. Add grease to the surface of the unloading base and sliding bearing and move left and right (every three days)

2. Put the yellow butter on the surface of the sliding bearing at the unloading shaft and fill the tail with a grease gun (once a week, clean the fueling place before refueling)

3. Lubricate the brake joint and move it back and forth several times (three times a week, pay attention to cleaning)

4. Lubricate each adjustment roller and adjustment part (three times a week, pay attention to cleaning)

5. Add butter to the adjustment of the upper and lower knife (worm gear) (three times a week, pay attention to cleaning)

6. Lubricate the lower knife shaft clutch (three times a week, pay attention to cleaning)

7. Fill the support shaft of the waste material with butter, and move the mechanism left and right several times. (Three times a week, pay attention to cleaning)

8. On the drive shaft of the toothless screw set, add butter and move left and right several times (three times a week, pay attention to cleaning)

9. Clean the seal of each cylinder. Fill the eyes with lubricating oil. (Three times a week, pay attention to cleaning)

Sliding Machine

Sliding Machine Manufacturer

In addition, the maintenance cycle of the slitting machine is divided into the following stages:

Every day, the staff should carry out roving inspections of the equipment. In order to reduce the probability of failure, the number of roving inspections per day should be no less than four, and the maintenance content should include the yarn guide part, fasteners and pneumatic parts, etc. In order to ensure the smooth use, the operator should check the car of the equipment at least every half a month. The maintenance content should include the winding of the car and the accumulation of dust. In addition, they should also make the car process parts adjustment work.

In addition to the maintenance of the slitting machine, it can be used normally. Attention should also be paid to the correct use of the slitter blade. Therefore, the Sliding Blade Manufacturer should also teach everyone how to use the slitter blade correctly, thereby reducing costs.

1.Before starting

First check whether the operation keys are sensitive before starting up, add lubricating oil to the lubricating part, apply a small amount of high temperature resistant calcium base grease to the thin knife transmission gear, and then adjust the knife line according to production requirements. When adjusting the blade distance, pay attention to the slitting blades must be lifted away from the slot before moving. Do not interact with the slot, otherwise it will easily cause the blade to deform or damage the blade.

2.Slider blade adjustment

After the slitter blade position is adjusted, the slitter blade is slowly put into the sipe, and the depth is preferably 3-5mm. The slitting blade must be centered on the sipe and not deviated, and the two cannot be touched, otherwise the blade will Friction with the sipe is about to burn out the thin blade.

3.In production

Slitter Blade's quality is based on 200-50mm jogging and sharpening. It is advisable to keep the separation slits clean and beautiful. At the same time, pay attention to foreign objects such as paper edges. Do not get caught in the blade transmission gear to avoid damage to the machine. Remove paper and oil on the equipment in time after production.

The above is the maintenance method of the slitting machine, I hope to help everyone.