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Factors Affecting The Productivity Of Slitting Machines

2019-12-02 11:11   admin

What are the factors that affect the productivity of the slitter? Now, the manufacturer of Narrow Width Coil Slitting Line will explain it to everyone.

1. With the improvement of technical level, not only the performance of slitter equipment has been improved, but also the control level of the system has been significantly improved in the entire production line. For the user, it simplifies the specific operation, and the slitting machine realizes the interactive transposition, and the work efficiency is high.

2. The speed of the slitter unit can also be flexibly adjusted according to the user's production needs. For example, a metal slitting slitter with a size of 650 mm is mainly designed and manufactured with a thin plate with a thickness of 4 mm and a width of 650 mm or less. Under normal operating conditions, the striping speed can reach 10 to 120 meters per minute, and the conventional striping number is within 15 strips.

3. Analyze from the overall composition. In this slitting unit, the basic functions mainly include uncoiling, slitting, tension, rewinding, etc. Its standard working equipment includes uncoiling machine, buffer pit, side guide position, longitudinal Shearing machine and power, transition frame, waste edge reclaimer, looper, tension machine, winder, hydraulic system, electrical system and other components.

4. During the operation of the slitting machine equipment, users can perform control operations through the plc control system, and also equipped with a man-machine interface display function. Therefore, in actual production, the equipment can flexibly adjust according to the user's order quantity, number of strips, different strip specifications, strip speed and other parameters to meet production needs.

Narrow Width Coil Slitting Line

Narrow Width Coil Slitting Line

So how to effectively improve the utilization of the slitter? Slitting Machine Manufacturer will come and tell you.

1. Data utilization rate of step: if it is a continuous mold, it involves the problem of sample making of the disc on the coil. There is a certain overlap between the two discs on the strip. One stamping step is two. The center distance of two discs, with two-semicircles and the waste material in the middle as a step, the data used is removed by two semicircles (equivalent to a circle), and the data utilization of the step is obtained.

2. The data rate of the strip is a step closer. In addition to the scrap between the two discs, the overlap between the top disc and the first disc of the strip and the end of the disc and the last disc are counted. The waste at the edge is often more than the waste at the edge of the two discs, so the accounting method is to divide the area of all discs on the entire strip by the area of ​​the entire strip.

3. Data utilization rate of steel plate: There are multiple strips punched on a large steel plate. There may or may not be scrap. It depends on the width of the plate / coil you choose. One is that only the strip is considered above. Utilization rate on steel plate: Just divide the total bar area by the entire steel plate (coil), and another one refers to the data utilization rate of the disc relative to the entire steel plate (coil), that is, the product The data utilization rate is generally the latter, so all the waste materials consumed in the punching of the disc must be considered, from the unwinding of the material at the end of the coil to the unwinding of the disc. Waste, so the calculation method of data utilization rate is related to the process arrangement. Crosscutting and slitting are generally related to the feeding direction. In unwinding, crosscutting is straight and unwinding direction, and slitting is parallel to the unwinding direction (slitting organization). The same is true during the shearing process, of course, a rectangular material is wide. Feeding is different from narrow feeding, and the horizontal and vertical cutting is also different. It depends on what operation method you have.

The above are the factors that affect the productivity of the slitting machine. I hope to help everyone.