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How Does The Blade Of A Slitter Operate Correctly?

2019-11-16 09:13   admin

Slitting blades are now widely used in various mechanical processing plants. According to data, many processing plants encounter annual reductions in production efficiency due to incorrect use of the slitting machine. How to achieve safe production? How to let employees understand the operation of slitter blades in many aspects? The Slitting Machine Manufacturer will give you a comprehensive introduction below.

Due to the use of a high-efficiency reducer, it has no self-locking nature. The main motor is stopped. After the cutting switch selection switch is pulled to the tool change position, the transmission has lost its brake, the safety device has lost its protection, and the blade has slipped under static conditions. It may seriously endanger safety, so be sure to confirm that the blade is stopped reliably in this state, and only operate it with a wooden pad under the blade.

Each time the knife edge is sharpened, it must be sufficiently cooled to prevent the knife edge from annealing. In order to make the knife edge sharper and smoother, sharpen the knife edge with oilstone before use. If you find that the cutting edge of the cutting object has a paper pulling phenomenon, you should use a stone to repair or sharpen the cutting edge at any time. When changing the Slitter Blade, first turn off the main motor, wait for about 2 minutes, and confirm that the drive belt has completely stopped. Put the two wooden knife changers under the blade, and set the knife selection switch on the switch panel to Tool change position, blade function selection switch must be in the cutting position. Rotate the end nut of the pulley with a sleeve, remove all the connecting screws on the blade, and then use an Allen wrench to push the knife hanging device about 4MM inward to make the knife hanging device brake. Disengage and rotate the knife-hanging device to make the blade steadily drop on two wooden tool changers. Install two tool change handles and remove the blade. Pay attention to the blade to prevent it from overturning and hurting people. First, install the blade of the cutting machine: first confirm that the start button of the main motor is stopped, and that the pulley of the main motor is at a standstill, install the sharpened blade on the tool changer, and then push the tool changer with the blade to At the position where the blade is installed on the front of the paper presser, set the cutting selector switch to the right end to change the knife position. Turn the knife-hanging device as described above to raise the blade to the highest position. Install the blade connection screw and tighten it. Loosen the two handles on the tool changer. After removing the tool changer, install the remaining blade connection screws and tighten them.

Slitter Blade

Slitter Blade

Correctly adjust the blade of the slitting machine: every time a new blade is installed or the old blade is sharpened, the height of the knife should be adjusted manually to adjust the cutting amount of the blade to avoid deeper new blades. The cutting caused an accident. The main motor must be turned off when adjusting the cutter, and it can only be performed after stopping the operation.

The slitter blade adjustment steps are:

1. Make sure that the cutting machine is in the tool change state. First stop the main motor, press the main motor stop button, confirm that the main motor is stationary, and then set the cutting switch selection switch to the middle tool change position.

2. Determine the cutting depth of the blade: use a socket wrench to rotate the nut on the end face of the pulley to move the knife to the lowest point, and observe whether the depth of the blade cutting into the blade is reasonable (normally 0.5-1 mm). If the knife edge contacts only one end of the blade, it can be solved by adjusting the eccentric shaft on the back of the main frame.

The above is the correct operation method of the slitter blade introduced by the supplier of High Speed Steel Coil Slitting Line. I hope it can help everyone.