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What Is The Material Of The Slitting Blade?

2019-12-04 08:51   admin

Everyone knows the blade, a common tool in life, everyone will use it in life, but do you know the slitter blade? I believe many people do not understand it well, in fact, it is an industrial device It is used when processing many materials. The Slitting Machine Manufacturer introduces this tool from the material of the cutting blade and how to install it.

1.What material is good for slitting blade?

Slitter Cutter is a kind of equipment for trimming and slitting wide materials according to different needs in the production process. Blades need to be installed when the slitter is working. So how do we generally choose the material of the slitter blade?

We are choosing the material for blade cutting. Now that the cutting machine is moving towards high speed, more and more circular knives use high-speed steel and higher-grade alloy materials.

The cemented carbide materials of the Slitter Cutter round blade are generally divided into two categories: tungsten-cobalt (YG), composed of WC and Co; tungsten-titanium-cobalt (YT), composed of WC, TiC and Co. The toughness of YG-type cemented carbide circular knives is relatively good, but when cutting high-toughness electronic materials, the wear resistance is poor. The slitting machine is suitable for processing some common materials. The commonly used round blade grades are YG3, YG6, YG8, etc., and the number indicates the percentage of the chemical element Co and Co. Co with less cobalt content is more brittle and wear-resistant. YT type hard alloy has higher hardness and better heat resistance than YG type, and it is more wear-resistant when cutting tough materials, but the toughness is smaller and more brittle to break. Commonly used round knife grades are YT5, YT15, YT30 ", etc. The more TiC titanium content, the smaller the toughness, and the higher the wear resistance and heat resistance. The numbers indicate the percentage of TiC titanium alloy.

It is recommended that when choosing the material of the slitter blade, you can choose according to the above materials, and it is the focus to choose the blade material that suits us.

Slitter Blade

Slitter Blade


2.How to install the Slitter Blade?

A complete set of slitting circular blades are composed of upper and lower knife sets, circlips and gaskets. Many novices who operate the slitting machine do not know where to start when installing the slitting blades, and deliberately organized the method of installing the upper and lower blades. , To teach you how to assemble the slitting upper and lower knives and snap ring gaskets.

First wipe off the rust-proof oil on the cutting circular blade. Place the cleaned blade flat on the table and place it on the lower knife. Place the keyway of the upper knife on the thimble of the lower knife and place it on top. Completed the beginning. Then use the gasket of the cutting knife to fix and fix the upper knife. You can use some tools to prevent your hands from being hurt by the sharp edge if you use a strong sleeve directly.

The last step is to clamp the spring between the upper and lower slitting blades, so that the upper and lower blades of the butterfly-shaped circular blade are installed.