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Installation Method Of Slitter Blade

2019-12-25 10:14   admin

Everyone should be familiar with the slitting machine, so as the most important blade in this device, how is it installed? I wonder if everyone knows it, and what are its daily management and maintenance methods? Let's take a look with Slitting Machine Manufacturer!

How to install slitter blade?

1. First wipe off the rust-proof oil on the cutting circular blade. Place the wiped blade flat on the table, place it on the lower knife, and open the upper knife upward.

2. The keyway is placed on the thimble of the lower knife, and the initial part is completed by overlapping. Then use the gasket of the cutting knife to fix and fix the upper knife. You can use some tools to prevent your hands from being hurt by the sharp edge if you use a strong sleeve directly.

3. The last step is to talk about the clamping spring being clamped between the upper and lower slitting cutters, so that the upper and lower blades of the butterfly-shaped circular blade are installed.

4. The butterfly-shaped slitting circular blade is a very easy-to-use knife for slitting tape. The most commonly used materials are front steel and die steel. After selecting the materials, use the correct installation method to install the upper and lower blades. Used smoothly in the production process!

Slitter Blade

Slitter Blade

Management and maintenance advice for Slitter Blade

1 In order to ensure that the slitting knife is always in a good technical state, it can be put into operation at any time, reducing the downtime of failures, improving the machinery intact rate and utilization rate, reducing mechanical wear, and extending the service life of the machine. To reduce machinery operation and maintenance costs and ensure safe production, we must strengthen the maintenance of mechanical equipment.

2 Mechanical maintenance must be carried out regularly and compulsorily, and the relationship between use, maintenance and repair must be properly handled. It is not allowed to use only maintenance and repair.

3 Each team must do a good job of maintenance of various types of machinery in accordance with the machinery maintenance regulations and maintenance categories, without any delay. In special cases, the maintenance can be postponed only after the approval of the branch manager, but generally it should not exceed half of the prescribed maintenance interval.

4 The quality of maintenance machinery shall be guaranteed, and shall be carried out item by item according to the stipulated items and requirements. Maintenance items, maintenance quality and problems found in maintenance shall be recorded and reported to the professional staff in this department. If you can't solve the problem, you can contact the slitter blade manufacturer directly to inquire about the solution.

5 Maintenance personnel and maintenance departments should achieve self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and one-time check-in, continuously summarize maintenance experience, and improve maintenance quality

6 The asset management department regularly supervises and inspects the maintenance of machinery of each unit, regularly or irregularly checks the quality of maintenance, and performs rewards and punishments.

Today the introduction of the Metal Steel Coil slitting Machine Exporter about the slitter blade is here! Hope to help everyone.