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Safe Operation of Slitting Machines

2020-01-22 16:32   admin

During the operation of the Slitting Machine, if the tool has a problem of lateral swing, it will lead to poor dimensions, such as the lateral swing of the tool and the different diameter of the tool. Because the tool's lateral swing value cannot be zero. Usually the lateral swing value of its load is about 0.03-0.05mm. The reason is the accuracy error of the blade thickness, inner diameter, and the width of the spacer sleeve, and warpage caused by lateral stress when the thick plate is sheared.

Slitting Machine


Slitting Machine

During the production of slitter equipment, due to the problem of lateral warpage of the steel plate, the width dimension was poor. This is because the product cut in the state of lateral warpage is larger than the setting value of the knife. With the production and operation of the slitter equipment, there is a certain coordination error in the spacer sleeves, cutters, etc. Under normal circumstances, the thickness precision of spacers, cutters, etc. is 0.005. When there are many pieces when the knife is equipped, the cumulative error will increase. This is due to poor upper tolerance setting. It must be known that the width of the product cut by the slitter is always slightly lower than the size of the product side of the knife. Therefore, it is necessary to predict the degree of such a difference in advance. Please refer to the dimension of the spacer when the knife is set on the product side. Also consider the shear method used. In comparison, if the slitting machine adopts straight-draw shearing, the tension of the steel coil will increase, the lateral warpage will disappear, and the size will go down.

Before using the slitting machine, we must clearly understand the basic points of its safe operation, so as to ensure the smooth operation of production. Slitting Machine Manufacturer will tell you the basic points of the safe operation of the slitting machine.

1. The use environment requirements of slitting machine:

The machine should be installed in a place with proper temperature, dryness, ventilation, good light and convenient operation. In addition, in daily use, the environment of the use should be kept tidy, and the machine should be cleaned frequently to keep it clean.

2. Operating requirements for slitting machine:

To use a high-quality Slitter Blade, the machine must cut the entire roll or sheet of material at a fixed length. The machine's fixed-length cutting control needs to be divided into two types: static and dynamic. The index is the cutting accuracy and the consistency of the finished product is good. The cutting length of the machine can be set continuously. If there is an error in the actual cutting length, it needs to be calibrated by setting parameters.

The above are the basic points and environmental requirements for the safe operation of the slitting machine. I hope to help everyone.