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Requirements for Slitter Blades

2020-02-05 14:32   admin

The blade in the slitting machine is a very important part of the slitting machine because it is related to the slitting effect of the slitting machine. Therefore, we might as well learn from the Sliding Machine Manufacturer so that we can have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the slitter blade and the slitter itself, so that we can reach the expected learning policy and benefit ourselves. 
Slitter Blade
Slitter Blade

Slitter Blade, in its application, is mainly used for slitting films, paper, cigarettes, leather, printing and metal. Therefore, it is mainly used for slitting slitting on mechanical slitting production line.

1. Material and requirements of slitter blade
The material of the slitter blade should be heat-treated, so as to have good hardness and other good functions. Regarding the requirements of slitter blades, the main requirements are that the blade cutting should be smooth and flat, and the blade must be sharp and wear-resistant, so that a good slitting effect can be achieved.

2. What common sense do you need to know and grasp on slitter blades?
As for the blade of the slitter, its requirements are not low. And in the product thickness, there are corresponding requirements. Generally, its flatness should be within 0.003mm.
In the slitting knife group, in addition to the blade, it should also include spacers and gaskets. Through their use, it is possible to make the blades have a suitable width and horizontal open space. Among them, the thickness scale of the gasket is generally 0.8-150mm. Regarding the thickness tolerance of the blade, it is required to be within 0.003mm.

3. How much does the blade hardness of stainless steel slitter generally reach?
The hardness of the blade in the stainless steel slitting machine, and its hardness requirements, depends on the thickness of the stainless steel plate. If the thickness of the steel plate is less than 1mm, the hardness of the blade is higher. However, it should be noted that the hardness of the slitter blade should not be too high to avoid chipping.

The shearing effect of the slitter equipment is often directly affected by the quality of the blades used. From the perspective of the manufacturer, disc blades for slitting thin sheets often seek resistance and wear resistance and reduce the number of tool changes, which further ensures the quality of the cut surface. Generally, higher hardness molybdenum alloy steel blades are used. After cutting a certain number of steel strips with this kind of blade, the blade edge gradually becomes dull due to wear.

Not only that, because it is in the cutting operation condition for a long time, the blade steel of this blade will have a fatigue layer, and the hardness will increase greatly, which further makes the cutting quality of the slitter equipment not ideal. In order to prevent the knife edge from becoming very weak and then prone to cracking, it is necessary to grind it in time to eliminate its fatigue layer and add a sharp knife edge.

As for the user, choosing high-quality blades can not only significantly improve the efficiency of the slitting machine equipment, but also save a lot of money over a long period of time. Therefore, the use of each set of blades must establish a file. The original inspection data of the blade, the outer diameter before each grinding, and the amount of each grinding must be recorded, so that it is easy to find the problem. So, when grinding, what issues need attention? First, the machine tool used in grinding must be a high-precision cylindrical grinder. Secondly, when grinding, you must pay attention to the reasonable control of the stacking dimensions of the blades, and pay attention to the number of grinding blades should not be too much, so as not to affect the rigidity of the machine.

The above is the requirement of the slitter blade introduced by the supplier of High Speed ​​Steel Coil Slitting Machine.